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Today, ASHwell grieves an egregious abuse of power by the Texas Supreme Court as Senate Bill 14 is allowed to go into effect — entirely banning lifesaving gender-affirming care for trans youth in Texas. As much as we wish we had the perfect thing to say that would make all of this better, we are just as sad, angry, and tired as each of you. Queer and trans Texans deserve to thrive and live joyful, hopeful lives – but instead, our community has been forced to withstand baseless and malicious attack after attack from right-wing extremists who do not truly represent the majority of their constituents. So, rather than recycle the same words or promise you that this fight is not over, we want to tell you what steps ASHwell is taking to advance our advocacy the next step further.

First, ASHwell has released our first Policy Agenda, a document that will guide our advocacy as we engage with legislators and policymakers to protect our patient-clients, our larger community, and our ability to serve them. Click here to view our slate of policy priorities.

Second, ASHwell is developing partnerships with organizations who will register our patient-clients and supporters to vote. By registering our friends to vote and providing nonpartisan information, we’re helping our community armor-up to use their voice and vote for good.

Third, ASHwell is strengthening our Community Advisory Board (CAB) to redefine what it means to serve – welcoming honest, critical, and valuable feedback directly from the folx we intend to uplift – and we will continue to show up for and champion our community to the extent of our ability.

We know you’re tired. We are too. There’s no way to know how long this struggle will continue, but deep in our soul, we know that our love, community, and desire to build a better, safer, and healthier future will prevail over the seeds of hatred that our oppressors sow.

ASHwell is with you, from the walls of our wellness center to the halls of the Capitol. Stay strong, liberated, and organized, y’all.

In solidarity,

Cy Herrera, Executive Director