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The ASHwell Team + Board

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Executive Director

Cynthia "Cy" Herrera


Cynthia Herrera, affectionately known as Cy among her peers, serves as ASHwell’s Executive Director, bringing a wealth of unmatched experience in healthcare and law. Since joining the organization in 2021, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to enhancing and expanding ASHwell’s services, reaching out to those who have been overlooked by the healthcare system. Hailing from the Midwest, Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago. Guided by her leadership acumen and deep commitment to health equity, she spearheads ASHwell’s sustainable and equity-centered growth. Cynthia cherishes working with a team of healthcare radicals who share her passion for health equity and tirelessly innovate to overcome social barriers, ensuring that health and wellness reach deserving, underserved communities.

With her expertise in strategic planning and decision-making informed by a Health Law Certificate from the Beazley Institute for Health Law & Policy, Cynthia deftly navigates legislative and financial challenges, enabling ASHwell to deliver exceptional sexual health and wellness services. Over her nine years in Austin, Cynthia has also showcased her musical talents as a Latin percussionist, regularly performing live with the local all-female Selena tribute band, Las Chicas en 512. This passion for music was ignited during her very first onstage performance at her grandparents’ Tejano nightclub, Tony & Vickie’s Cabaret, in Ohio when she was just 11 years old.

Director of Data and Finance

Dennis Chau


Dennis Chau serves as ASHwell’s Director of Data and Finance, seamlessly merging the realms of data, finance, and public health. Originally from Houston and an Austinite for a decade, Dennis joined ASHwell four years ago driven by a profound commitment to centering and honoring individual experiences. Recognizing the tendency to reduce people’s stories to numbers, especially in the realm of data and finance, Dennis sets the gold standard by skillfully capturing clients’ narratives through data while maintaining a strong focus on the individuals ASHwell serves. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dennis finds joy in playing video games, cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and indulging in amateur bird watching. Holding a Master of Public Health, Dennis also possesses a developing skill in handwriting analysis—a talent that adds a touch of intrigue to his multifaceted personality.

Director of Social Wellness

Sandra Chavez


Sandra Chavez, ASHwell’s passionate Director of Social Wellness and a trained Harm Reduction Educator, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the team. Working with the queer community and individuals living with HIV is Sandra’s favorite aspect of her role at ASHwell, where she witnesses firsthand the remarkable resilience and mutual care displayed by those navigating substance use. Sandra cherishes the opportunity to contribute to creating a safer world for those who feel unsafe. Born and raised in South Texas, Sandra has called Austin home for thirteen years. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she has been an integral part of ASHwell for three years. Outside of her work, Sandra finds joy in hiking, swimming in the ocean, and camping. An interesting tidbit about her is that she used to race on a Dragon boat team!

Director of Operations

Liz Gray


Liz Gray, the Director of Operations at ASHwell, brings a confident and dedicated advocacy to the Austin community. With a Master of Social Work from Texas State University and an LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) qualification, Liz has devoted nearly three years to uplifting individuals and driving positive change through her work with ASHwell. Beyond her professional achievements, Liz embraces life with a vibrant spirit, finding solace and inspiration through nature, travel, and dance. With a background in professional dance and choreography, Liz infuses her work with an artistic perspective, contributing to ASHwell’s mission of reducing stigma, promoting equity, and empowering informed choices about sexual health. Liz’s unwavering dedication leaves a lasting impact on clients, fostering a brighter and healthier future. Having called Austin home for over a decade, Liz’s commitment to ASHwell and the community continues to make a difference.

Director of Strategic Advancement

Marcus Cruz Sanchez


Combining his expertise in visual communications and development with an unwavering dedication to reaching marginalized communities through innovative and culturally relevant strategies, Marcus Cruz Sanchez spearheads ASHwell’s agency-wide changes and growth as the Director of Strategic Advancement. Originally from Palacios, TX, Marcus joined the ASHwell team in early 2022 after establishing a stellar reputation as an artist and nonprofit professional during his twenty-six years in Austin. With an artist’s keen eye for design, he finds joy in Halloween and Easter, not only for the festivities but also for the vibrant colors and themes that often inspire his artwork. Marcus is the ultimate authority on the best tacos and snow cones in Austin, and his penchant for puns is evident in ASHwell’s programs and communications. When he’s not working and immersing himself in ASHwell’s close-knit culture, Marcus can be found indulging his passion for creating art, baking delectable treats that disappear quickly in the breakroom, and spoiling his dogs in the background of work calls.

Director of Clinical Services

Ben Walker


Ben Walker is ASHwell’s Director of Clinical Services, bringing a Bachelor’s degree from Austin College and a Master’s degree from the prestigious LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. With a passion for high-quality patient care, Ben leads the organization’s clinical and patient advocacy teams, ensuring top-notch healthcare delivery. His strategic planning and adherence to best practices prioritize patients’ well-being and drive continuous improvement. Ben fosters a robust network of community stakeholders, physicians, and referral partners, guaranteeing the highest standard of care for ASHwell’s clients. When not revolutionizing healthcare, he enjoys taking care of his dogs, exploring new destinations, and staying fit at the gym. With Ben’s expertise, ASHwell continues to redefine compassionate care and improve comprehensive clinical services for all clients.

Neetu Singh
Associate Director of Human Resources

Neetu Singh


Neetu Singh, the dedicated Associate Director of HR at ASHwell, brings over a decade of experience in both human resources and the public health field. She initially joined ASHwell in 2021, and her deep commitment to ASHwell’s mission inspired her return in 2022 as an HR Consultant. She stepped into her current role as Associate Director of HR in January 2024.

Neetu holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and the esteemed Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Neetu is passionate about fostering a vibrant work environment where employees can thrive. Her commitment to this goal has led to significant advancements in HR processes, higher levels of employee engagement, and enhanced collaboration throughout her career.

Combining her HR and public health experience, Neetu brings a unique and valuable expertise to her role. Beyond her professional achievements, Neetu finds joy in cooking, spending quality time with her family, and volunteering at a local elementary school. Neetu’s dedication, leadership, and diverse skills make her an essential part of the ASHwell team and a true HR powerhouse.

Associate Director of Creative Strategies

Jeremy Stilb


Jeremy Stilb, ASHwell’s Associate Director of Creative Strategies, brings a wealth of experience and a deep appreciation for queer culture and artistic expression. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production, Cum Laude, along with Screenwriting and Art Organization Certifications from NYU and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Jeremy showcases a diverse skill set. Since joining ASHwell five years ago, Jeremy revels in the creative freedom to produce work that is both irreverent and horny, collaborating with some of Austin’s most talented queer artists. Beyond ASHwell, Jeremy’s creative endeavors extend into being a DJ and directing a feature film that is now available for streaming. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Jeremy spent twelve years in Austin before relocating to San Francisco in 2022, where he has developed a newfound passion for plants.

Assistant Director of Peer Advocacy

Tarik Daniels


Tarik Daniels, ASHwell’s dedicated Assistant Director of Peer Advocacy, joined the team almost two years ago, bringing an impressive background as a public speaker, theater professional, and advocate in sexual health, wellness, and mental health. Tarik’s passion lies in ASHwell’s commitment to delivering holistic and comprehensive care to every client. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Tarik holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bowling Green State University. Additionally, he holds accreditations as a Mental Health Peer Specialist and Peer Supervisor certified by the State of Texas Board Certification of Addiction Professionals. For the past decade since relocating to Austin, Tarik has made notable achievements, including the publication of his novel No Bonds So Strong, a poignant coming-of-age story about four black queer friends in Detroit, as well as his play, The Counseling Session.

Assistant Director of Patient Advocacy

Sheira Gentle


With nearly four years of invaluable experience at ASHwell, Sheira Gentle excels as the Assistant Director of Patient Advocacy, tirelessly working to ensure that clients receive the resources and care they need. Sheira’s unwavering dedication as a compassionate advocate allows her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. Her passion lies in dismantling barriers within the complex healthcare system, striving to create a smoother path to care. Originally from California, Sheira has called Austin home for eight years. During her spare time, she finds solace in hiking and diving into captivating books. An intriguing tidbit about Sheira is that while she loves being near the ocean, she prefers not to venture into its depths.

Assistant Director of Community Integrated Care

Candace Moore


Bio Coming Soon!
Assistant Director of Clinical Services

Eric Perez


A proud Austin native, Eric Perez plays a vital role as the Assistant Director of Clinical Services, tirelessly working to enhance the lives of all who seek care at the ASHwell Clinic. Armed with a Master of Science in Nursing from the UT Austin School of Nursing, Eric holds the esteemed certification of a Family Nurse Practitioner accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Over his five years with ASHwell, Eric has witnessed remarkable growth and actively contributes his hands-on expertise to the organization’s sustainable expansion. An intriguing aspect about Eric is his unique connection as a fraternal twin. When not dedicating himself to the clinic, he indulges in his passions for scuba diving, traveling, and lovingly tending to his lively household of four cats and two dogs.

Assistant Director of Operations

Rusty Pierce


Rusty Pierce, rooted in Colorado and California, joined ASHwell in October 2023, bringing over a decade of Operations and management expertise and a commitment to cultivating an inclusive and thriving workplace. With more than ten years immersed in Austin’s community, Rusty’s advocacy extends far beyond office hours. In addition to his roles as a dedicated Buy Nothing group admin and volunteer at local food pantries and theaters, he produces Austin’s Mortified Show, sharing artifacts from people’s childhood. Rusty’s ASHwell journey brings him full circle to his father’s work at an HIV research clinic in ‘90s San Francisco. This legacy fuels Rusty’s passion for ASHwell’s mission, relishing the collaboration with hardworking individuals united in supporting Austin’s queer health. In the fleeting moments between his advocacy and creative endeavors, Rusty finds solace in swimming and recharging with yoga.

Assistant Director of Social Advocacy

Azucena “Susy” Vega


Azucena Vega, affectionately known as Susy, leads ASHwell’s Social Advocacy team, joining in 2021 with a Master of Social Work and a passion for empowering historically excluded communities. With a background as a bilingual social service professional, Azucena brings experience in case management and holistic aid for immigrant and low-income households. Her expertise as a Licensed Master Social Worker supports ASHwell’s HIV-positive clients in accessing vital resources, including housing and benefits programs. Azucena deeply admires the shared passion and authenticity of her ASHwell colleagues. Originally from Brooklyn with roots in Massachusetts and San Antonio, she settled in Austin in 2022. Outside of work, Azucena cherishes time with loved ones, enjoys singing, and expresses her artistic side through painting. She dreams of showcasing her pieces in art galleries and sharing her creative vision with the world.

Clinical Services

  • Felix Almodovar (he/him)
    Social Advocate, Housing Specialist
  • Stephanie Borges (she/her)
    Registered Nurse
  • Christian Casas (he/him)
    Clinic Intake Specialist
  • Ariel Duran (he/him)
    Patient Advocate
  • Maria Esquivel (she/her)
    Senior Patient Advocate
  • Manny Faz (he/him)
    Patient Advocate
  • Alessandro Garcia (he/him)
    Patient Advocate, Medication Assistance Specialist
  • Eric Garcia (he/him)
    Community Health Worker, Health Education Specialist
  • Henry Guevara (he/him)
    Medical Provider
  • Ana Guzman (she/her)
    Medical Assistant
  • Bethany Hart (she/her)
    Medical Provider
  • Raul Hernandez (he/him)
    Medical Assistant
  • George Langan Jr. (he/him)
    Registered Nurse
  • Moe Luján (all pronouns)
    Senior HCV Program Coordinator
  • Ian Moreau (he/him)
    Registered Nurse, Community Integrated Care
  • Jesse Sandoval (he/him/they/them)
    Community Health Worker, Coordinated Care Specialist
  • Dr. Gary Werntz (he/him)
    Medical Director
  • Flembrick Wright (he/him)
    Patient Advocacy Program Coordinator

Social Wellness

  • Janet Beraud (she/her)
    Social Wellness Intake Specialist
  • Lucia Flores (she/they)
    Social Wellness Advocate
  • Marquis Goodwin (he/him)
    Peer Advocate
  • Rolando Huertas (he/him)
    Peer Advocate
  • Caroline A. Maltz (she/her)
    Social Advocate, Medical Specialist
  • Norma Otero (she/her)
    Social Wellness Advocate
  • Silvia Sanchez (she/her)
    Social Wellness Advocate
  • Linda Serna (they/them)
    Peer Advocate


  • Hitomi Iida (she/her)
    Executive Assistant

Data & Finance

  • Claire Adkins (she/her)
    Data Specialist
  • Patrick Kierstead (he/they)
    Accounting Specialist


  • Earnesia Williams (she/hers)
    Operations Coordinator

Strategic Advancement

  • Jacqueline Blanchard (she/her)
    Fundraising Coordinator
  • Christian Duran (he/him)
    Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
  • Dominique Oxner (she/her)
    Events Coordinator
  • Abraham Resendez (he/him)
    Marketing & Outreach Specialist


Helen Michael

Board President


Rob Johnson

Board Member; Chair, DEI Committee


Al Reid

Board Member; Chair, Board Wellness Committee


Eric Santamaria

Board Secretary


Trayce Shaw

Board Treasurer; Chair, Finance Committee


Wil Wever

Board Member; Chair, Strategic Advancement Committee