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Learn More About PrEP & PEP

PrEP stands for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.” Pre meaning before exposure to HIV, and prophylaxis meaning protection!

It is a once-daily pill to prevent the transmission of HIV up to 99% if taken properly.

PEP stands for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis which means that PEP is used within 72 hours after a potential exposure to HIV to prevent seroconversion–development of detectable HIV antibodies.

Our PrEP Program

ASHwell provides office visits and labs at

$0 out-of-pocket cost to our patients.

When you adhere to our PrEP program, our other services become available to you at low or no cost. As a part of our holistic wellness care, you will receive periodic well-exams, STI testing and treatment, become eligible for gender care, and referrals for massage therapy, acupuncture, psychiatric counseling, and more.To access PrEP or to get more information, call our clinic at 512-900-3116, Ext. 1.

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Who is it for?

PrEP is for anyone and everyone concerned about protecting themselves from HIV. The PrEP therapy called Truvada works by making a shield around your white blood cells so that even if you are exposed to HIV, the virus cannot make a home in your cells. When combined with other effective sexual safety practices like wearing condoms and barriers, you can decrease your risk for contracting both HIV and other STIs.

People of any, all, or no gender identities can take PrEP. It will not interfere with hormone therapy, fun drugs, or alcohol, and works just as well for people who participate in HRT.

You use PrEP as part of your repertoire of sexual health hygiene practices when you are HIV-negative–PrEP regimens do not protect against other forms of STIs, only HIV.  It is not effective immediately–to be fully protected, you must take PrEP every day, whether or not you have had sex. Depending on what body parts you use during sex, PrEP can take between 7 and 21 days to be completely effective.

What does the regimen look like?

As part of the PrEP regimen, you will follow up with your medical provider for free every three months to maintain your prescription and manage any side effects that may arise. Most side effects are minimal and subside after an initial period of adjustment. At these visits you will get tested for HIV, other STIs, and kidney function to make sure that your PrEP regimen is safe for your body.

Our PEP Program

If possible, eliminate or reduce fun drug use while on PEP because they can damage your immune system and impact the treatment’s effectiveness. Find out more about how fun drugs can impact your treatments here. To access PEP, call our clinic to be seen as soon as possible. Remember: the 72-hour exposure window is critical.

To access PEP or to get more information, call our clinic at 512-900-3116, Ext. 1.

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Who is it for?

PEP is a course of powerful anti-HIV medications that might be the course of action in instances where condoms break during sex, there was no condom used during sex, you share a needle or syringe with someone else, or you experience sexual assault.

What does the regimen look like?

It is a 28-day regimen consisting of at least two different classes of HIV meds and anywhere from 3 to 4 different pills, once or twice a day. It is of the utmost importance to never miss a dose. If you do, take a dose as soon as you remember, but don’t double-up– these drugs can be very hard on your body in order to fight off new HIV infections.

Since PEP drugs can be difficult on the immune system, you will need to take special care to stay as healthy as possible to fight off infection. However, if you’re feeling up to it you can still have sex! Just avoid additional exposure to HIV while taking PEP. Other side effects vary from person to person and may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and fatigue.