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Statement on Colorado Springs Shooting

By November 23, 2022June 9th, 2023No Comments

It sometimes difficult to come up with the right words to make a statement on such ugly acts. It becomes even more difficult when we have had to make them before. What’s the point of writing another one of these? At some point they just feel like words and not any sort of helpful action. The individuals and families hurt by the shooting in Colorado Springs are our in minds and our hearts right now.

The conservative backslide our country finds itself within is becoming more desperate and in turn more violent. The anti-queer rhetoric is a poison. Living in Texas in particular we have watched how they continue to try to put forth harmful legislation as if they can regulate queerness out of existence. Particularly heading into Thanksgiving some of us are going to have to sit with people who vote against our rights.

We continue to remain defiant, celebrate our joy, acknowledge our pain, and fight for equality.

This is a small call to action, but if you have the ability to contribute, considering giving here: