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Response to Derek Chauvin conviction

By June 21, 2021June 9th, 2023No Comments

At 4:10 PM, April 20th, 2021, Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for the murder of George Floyd and a collective sigh of relief was felt by many.  This conviction will not bring closure for a horrific tragedy, but it does show that such acts of unbridled violence may no longer be tolerated, especially from those charged with maintaining peace and order within our society.

Next, we must ensure that this is not a single occasion where overwhelming evidence forces our justice system to operate as it should.  All incidents should be thoroughly investigated, and the actors held accountable, regardless.

We will continue to mourn the loss of George Floyd and all those who have been tragically lost in similar incidents.  Let us turn that grief into action so others may not be needlessly lost. ASHwell remains committed to providing exceptional social, mental, and medical services to the Austn community.